Monday, 18 January 2010

I hate computers!!!!

I am having a nightmare day ..well it actually started yesterday!!. Our printer has broken so we went to Comet to get a new one.Sam liked the look of the Kodak printer and I just wanted to be able to print my Digi images so we went for that one.... I installed but it wouldn't work so off I went to the Kodak site to see what could be done...where I was put onto 'chat' with Zeeshan...Now I have worked in call centres for many years and now manage in one so I know that some call centre's are abroad and they do there best..however after 2 hours I still could not understand what my new friend was saying to me and the printer still did not print (and was lucky it was not thrown from the window!!!!)
Well with a fresh head I re-installed the said printer again and still no joy so back to Kodak 'chat'. You think I would have learnt but no so after another 2 hours of log into this and that and disable this and that no bloody working printer!!!!!!!!
Oh I feel loads better now I have ranted..well in between the chats I was making some cards so there will be 2 if not 3 posts today...The first is for pollycraft challenge where they are looking for fire and ice (red and white...) I made this little fella with a friends papertray ink stamp and loved is a strange Valentines card however the person who commissioned it's hubby is an avid cyclist so now it makes more sense.

Hope you like it!!
Thanks for looking x


Paula said...

Oh how cute is this?? love this stamp, and it looks fab with button wheels!
Gorgeous card!
Thanks for joining us at pollycraft!
Paula xxx

Paula said... again..meant to add...good luck with the 'bloody' printer! x

Sue said...

hi carie,really loving this card and those wheels are fabulous:)

thanks for joining us at pollycraft:)


Emma said...

Hi Carrie
Aaarrrhhh I hope you get your printer sorted out, blooming technology!!
Your card is adorable..gorgeous!!
Thanks for joining us at Pollycraft & good luck.
Hugs Emma x

Emma Lockley said...

hiya hunny bunny! wow you and your friend have been busy lol
well you know im a fan of the old PTI and the bike made perfect sense to me, lovely hunny
love emma xxx

Lynsey said...

Hi Carrie
What a wonderful card! Love the buttons!
Thanks for joining in the Pollycraft Challenge.
Hugs Lynsey x

Ria said...

Lovely card Carrie :) thanks for joining the Pollycraft challenge this time.
hugs Ria