Sunday, 17 February 2013

cake or Sam?????

Is anyone here old enough to remember one of my all time favourite adverts...

Daddy or Chips..... daddy or chips??? 

Well keep your chips for me it's Sam or cupcakes lol....

Sam will always win but cupcakes... hmmmmmmmmmm

So today over at That Craft Place the theme is LOVE


I took one of lovely Lisa's new hearts on stick 
and decorated it with gem hearts and flowers
then I wrote I love you on it in red glitter

Then I added some cupcakes:

Vanilla cupcakes swirled with vanilla butter cream roses..

I hope you can come and join us to



Lisa Jane said...

Lolo remember b and always daddy for me x love this it's gorgeous

Lizy Bartaby said...

Haha cutest ad ever!! Daddy for me! This is a lovely decoration Carrie and those cupcakes look so yummy! Not helping my sugar ban for Lent though lol!
Lizy xx