Tuesday, 9 July 2013

So today I thought I would have a play and try a new technique ... and here is my cake:

I saw this done all white with coloured flowers but I wondered what it would look like in colour.. as my fave colour is aqua/turquoise - that's what I used (sugarflair Turquoise)

Now I have actually taken a few pics to show you how I did it - but there are probably a lot of ways this can be done lol.. this is just how I did it..

I coloured my fondant with a tiny bit of turquoise and lightly dusted the surface with cornflower (to stop sticking

and rolled it to about 5mm thickness

Put it over my rolling pin

and over the cake making sure it fits every side...

then quickly you need to make sure you attach around the top of the cake. I do this lightly with my hand, just smoothing over the top and edge of the cake

as you can see the skirt of the cake overlaps so gently lift it and pull it out while smoothing the icing

again I do that by hand, being gentle

then I grab my smoothers and smooth around the cake

Until you are happy with it:

Then I take some fondant in the same colour turquoise and roll a long sausage 

then I put that on my foam pad and take my ball tool and ruffle the edges

 I did two layers of each colour and then I added more turquoise - a little at a time
To attach the ruffles I add a water to the fondant as this works as a glue, I started at the top of each layer and worked down

To finish i would usually have had a tick cake board and would have added ribbon (but I didn't check that I had one in lol.. so this time there is a tin covered board) and I made some ruffle roses and sprayed PME lustre spray all over.

Well I hope I have inspired you today

If you have any questions please let me know xxx

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