Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedding season is upon us...

Good afternoon crafty peeps..

So how are you all??

We are good in chez Robinson.. Anyone who follows me on facebook will know that Belle has a new love. It's name???


Oh yes I can't get her out of it lol... we pop her in her bed and when we check on her she is asleep in the bottom of her wardrobe... So we pop her back in bed yet when she wakes up she is back in the wardrobe.... she has learnt to do it so quietly so we don't hear her... 

- side note - this is no ordinary wardrobe by the way lol.. it is a whole fitted wardrobe that goes the length of her room, so it is HUGE!!!

So while Belle is hiding in her wardrobe I am having a play with Wedding cakes... This is what I made today..

Other than the boards everything on this cake is edible...

What do you think??

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